Top 10 Bowlers List of the World

Top 10 Bowlers List of the World

Cricket is a fad, it is a craze, it is a passion and it is a integrity to every nation. Cricket had been capturing viewers in its spell since its inception. Cricket has given out many world class batsmen, bowlers, fielders, wicket keepers, commentators, analysts, and much more. Cricket is a world in itself offering fame, emotions, money and respect and yes ultimate fun. This note is going to disclose top ten names of bowlers in the world of cricket. These shimmering names are Sunil Philip Narine, Saeed Ajmal, Steven Finn, Mohammad Hafeez, Lonwabo Lennox Tsotsobe, Clinton James “Clint” McKay, James Michael “Jimmy” Anderson, Abdul Razzaq , Ravindrasinh Anirudhsinh Jadeja and Morné Morkel. These all bowlers have unique abilities and styles, let’s explore their stunning records.

Sunil Philip Narine

Sunil Philip Narine is a world-class attacking bowler. He was born on 26 May 1988 in West Indies. Narine is a master of off-spin bowling. He is a right-handed bowler. He is being playing for Trinidad, Tobago, ODI’s, IPL (Kolkata Knight Riders). Narine is known as a mystery bowler due to his unexpected off-break tantrums. He has asuperb bowling record which sum ups 1299 balls in tests, 1577 balls in ODI’s 2672 balls in FC’s and 2066 balls in LA’s. He has got 15 wickets in Test matches, 47 wickets in ODI matches, 59 wickets in FC matches and 66 in LA matches. He has won the record of making 5 wickets in 1 test & ODI innings, 7 FC innings and 3 LA innings. He also has got ten wickets in a single match 3 times in FC matches. Narine best bowing figures states 5/132 in test, 5/27 in ODI, 8/17 in FC and 6/48 in LA. His bowling average statistics shows 48.6 in tests, 21.68 in ODI, 21.49 in FC and 19.45 in LA. Narine is a bowler known for his exclusive bowling style.

Saeed Ajmal

Saeed Ajmal belongs to Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan, and was born on 14 October 1977. The Magician Saeed Ajmal is a right-handed bowler. His off-spin guts are excellent. Saeed Ajmal invented his own off-spinning style named as ‘doosra’ which is so much more famous around the world along with his other super bowling variation styles. He won 2005 ABN-AMRO Twenty-20 Cup, Khan Research Laboratories and Islamabad matches. ICC remarked this man as a number 1 ODI & T20 bowler while his test ranking is 3. He is a topper indeed. Ajmal is the super man holding maximum wickets 71 in T20 matches. His record list is too long and inspiring. He has bowled 8,262 balls in test, 4,236 in ODI, 1,128 in FC and 25,905 in LA. His bowling average rate is 27.60 in test, 22.91 in ODI, 16.59 in FC and 26.88 in LA. He has fetched 133 wickets in tests, 128 in ODI’s, 71 in FC and 438 in LA. He has taken 5 wickets in innings 7 for test, 2 for ODI and 28 for LA. He has 10 wickets in match of test 3 and LA 4. His best bowling stands for 7/55 in tests, 5/24 in ODI, 4/19 in FC and 7/55 in LA.

Steven Finn

Steven Thomas Finn was born on 4 April 1989 in Watford, Hertfordshire, England. Steven Finn is a fast bowler uses his right hand to invade the batsmen. His bowling is as swift as thunder is. He has played 4,012 balls in tests, 1,799 in ODI’s, 15,298 in FC’s and 3,575 in LA’s. He has won 84 wickets in tests, 52 wickets in ODI’s, 310 wickets in FC’s and 107 wickets in LA’s. Steven Finn’s bowling averages are 28.94, 26.53, 28.15 and 27.06 in test, ODI, FC and LA matches respectively. His best bowling records are 6/125 in test, 4/34 in ODI, 9/37 in FC and 5/33 in LA. He has 10 wickets in 1 FC match. 5 wickets in innings records 4 in test, 8 in FC and 1 in LA. Finn’s aggression and hostility even stunned and inspired Pakistani player Younis Khan. Steven Finn is a young blood and when he joined this field he was too young. But his performance is really commendable.

Mohammad Hafeez

Mohammad Hafeez is a Pakistani bowler born on 17 October 1980 in Sargodha, Punjab, Pakistan. He is known as ‘The Professor’. Hafeez is playing the role of captain of Pakistani T20 team. He has been given top ranked T20 all-rounder by ICC player rankings. Mohammad Hafeez is the first Pakistani player got signed for new Twenty20 tournament and 4th international player selected for Caribbean Premier League. Mohammad Hafeez is a right-handed off-break player. He has thrown 2669 balls in test, 4,919 in ODI, 686 in T20 and 9,523 balls in LA. He has got 34 wickets in test, 100 in ODI, 35 in T20, and 194 in LA yet. His best bowling is numbered as 4/16 in test, 3/17 in ODI, 4/10 in T20 and 4/23 in LA matches. Hafeez bowling averages are 33.00, 32.98, 22.14 and 33.05 in test, ODI, T20 and LA matches respectively.

Lonwabo Lennox Tsotsobe

Lonwabo Lennox Tsotsobe is a South African star, was born on 7 March 1984. Tsotsobe started his career with Dolphins, later he joined Essex County Cricket Club, Twenty20 International and ODI’s. The year 2012 was too successful for him as he was ranked number one bowler in the world by ICC. He is a left-handed and medium fast bowler. Tsotsobe has bowled 870 balls in test, 1891 balls in ODI, 9,423 balls in FC and 4,717 balls in LA. He has taken 9 wickets in test matches, 68 in ODI matches, 185 in FC matches, and 152 wickets in LA matches. His bowling average is 49.77 in test, 21.75 in ODI, 27.24 in FC and 25.98 in LA. He has gained 5 wickets in an inning for 5 times in FC matches and 1 time in LA match. His ten wickets in an inning is based on 1 time in FC match. Tsotsobe has 3/43 in test, 4/22 in ODI, 7/39 in FC and 5/28 in LA best bowling.

Clinton James “Clint” McKay

Clinton James “Clint” McKay is a bowling star from Australia. He was born on 22 February 1983. McKay is a Right-arm fast medium bowler. There is a lot on his credit. His total of bowling states 168 balls in tests, 2117 balls in ODI’s, 7737 balls in FC’s and 4220 balls in LA’s. He has taken 1, 74, 128 and 130 total wickets against test, ODI, FC and LA matches. McKay has scored 101.00, 22.22, 27.47 and 25.14 in test, ODI, FC and LA matches. He has got 5 wickets in innings 2 times in ODI, 3 in FC and 2 in LA matches. Best bowling records are 1/56 in test, 5/28 in ODI, 6/40 in FC and 5/28 in LA. McKay had been playing for Victorian Bushrangers, Pascoe Vale Central Cricket Club, Yorkshire CCC, Mumbai Indians and Sunrisers Hyderabad.

James Michael “Jimmy” Anderson

James Michael “Jimmy” Anderson was born on 30 July 1982 in Burnley, Lancashire, England. This English bowler is right-handed fast medium player. He had been playing for Lancashire County Cricket Club, Test matches, and One Day Internationals. He has got 30.14, 29.58, 27.30 and 28.31 balling averages in test, ODI, FC and LA matches. He has bowled 17,973 balls in test, 8,447 balls in ODI, 29,863 balls in FC and 10,857 balls in LA. Anderson has got 307 wickets in test, 237 in ODI, 567 in FC and 311 in LA. His stunning performance in taking 5 wickets in innings is 13 in test, 2 in ODI & LA and 26 in FC matches. He has gone for 10 wickets in matches; 1 for test and 3 for FC. His best bowling record shows 7/43 test, 5/23 ODI, 7/43 FC and 5/23 LA matches.

Abdul Razzaq

Abdul Razzaq the Pakistani player was born on 2 December 1979. He belongs to Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Abdul Razzaq is known for fast-medium bowling, he is a right arm bowler. He had played 200 ODI’s and 50 test matches till now for Pakistan. At the age of 20, he did a hat-trick against Sri Lanka in year 2000 and got the record of getting hat-trick in young age. He has bowled 7,008 balls in test matches, 10,941 in ODI matches, 333 in T20 matches and 19,023 in FC matches. His bowling averages are 36.94 in test, 31.83 in ODI, 19.05 in T20 and 31.47 in FC. He has 100 wickets in test, 269 in ODI, 20 in T20 and 352 wickets in FC matches on his credit. He has taken 5 wicket innings in 1 test, 3 ODI and 13 FC matches whereas 10 wickets in 13 FC match. His best bowling figures narrates 5/35 in test, 6/35 in ODI, 3/13 in T20 and 7/51 in FC matches. Abdul Razzaq is an asset to Pakistan.

Ravindrasinh Anirudhsinh Jadeja

Now coming towards another amazing super bowler Ravindrasinh Anirudhsinh Jadeja’s bowling hits. Ravindra Jadeja was born on 6 December 1988 in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India. He is a slow left-arm orthodox. He has been playing for first-class cricket, Chennai Super Kings, Indian U-19 cricket team etc. despite of being a great mocking attacks from cricket fans and team mates he strived to prove himself after his worst performances. Till now he has played 1580 balls in tests, 3,114 in ODI’s, 11,025 in FC and 4,942 in LA. His bowling averages are 19.85 in tests, 31.93 in ODI, 25.73 in FC and 28.21 in LA matches. He has 27, 77, 171 and 132 wickets on his credit in test, ODI, FC and LA matches. He took 5 wickets in innings 1 each in test, ODI and La, while 11 in FC match. Best bowling figures showed 5/58 in test, 5/36 in ODI, 7/31 in FC, and 5/36 in LA matches. Jadeja is a nice bowler overall.

Morné Morkel

Morné Morkel was born on 6 October 1984 in Vereeniging, Transvaal Province,South Africa. Morkel is a right-arm fast bowler. He is best known as genuine pace. He has bowled 9,504 balls, 2,904 ODI, 669 FC and 15,631 balls in LA. He has got 175 wickets in test matches, 102 wickets in ODI, 39 in FC and 309 wickets in LA matches. The balling average is 29.97 in test, 23.33 in ODI, 19.53 in FC and 25.27 in LA matches. Morkel got 5 wickets in innings in 6 tests, 1 ODI and 13 LA matches. 10 wickets stood 2 times in LA matches. His best bowling record shows 6/23 in test, 5/38 in ODI, 4/17 in FC and 6/23 in LA matches. Morné Morkel is a great addition to cricket world.


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